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"Providing Rainwater Harvesting Certification Training Across Canada Since 2012"

Mission Statement

To​ ​bring​ ​awareness,​ ​educate,​ ​and​ ​conduct​ ​research​ ​in​ ​best​ ​practices​ ​for​ ​rainwater​ ​and stormwater​ ​management​ ​across​ ​Canada.


Welcome to the Canadian Association for Rainwater Management. CANARM stands for the promotion and education of rainwater and stormwater management best practices. With increasing environmental awareness and concerns, addressing the issues of rainwater management has become paramount to the success and longevity of many residences and business operations. CANARM has been established to deal with the vast array of very positive actions undertaken by entrepreneurs, homeowners, designers, and to help consolidate and focus jurisdictional governances across Canada.

We are 12 modules for certification as a Rainwater Harvesting Professional. As well as some public introduction webinars.

Program Description:

The entire Certification Program is largely based on the CSA B805-18 Rainwater Standard, published in April 2018. This standard will be referenced in the 2020 national building code and concerns mainly contamination and water quality protection and mitigation. Additional information such as calculations for tank sizing and capacity, and a detailed outline for the development of a Water Safety Plan, are integral parts of the Standard. The program modules reference pertinent sections of the CSA Standard, as well as other published material from Canada and ARCSA (American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association), and research work from around the world.

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Canadian Association of Rainwater Management

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