Canadian Association for Rainwater Management


We wish to thank all the sponsors, not only for their support of CANARM, but also for their vision in the protection of our most precious resource – water.  Please join us in supporting our sponsors as we all promote rainwater and stormwater management best practices.

The Atlantis rainwater harvesting / re-use underground Flo-Tanks and Flo-Cells are a proven, effective system for capturing and storing water. Our modular tanks are flexible to all sizes and shapes of property. They are built on-site, provide H20 vehicle load capacity, recycled material LEED points, and sustained biological quality with built-in sand filters. Being subsurface they provide optimum cool conditions in summer from harmful U.V. light /heat and are operable under freezing conditions.  Rainwater and snow melt capture can be from both landscaped areas through surface infiltration and from roof areas.

Water Harvesting Canada provides rainwater harvesting system installation and design and retails rainwater harvesting accessories

University Sprinkler Systems Incorporated is the largest installer of residential & commercial irrigation systems in British Columbia. Whether you are a commercial contractor, a residential builder, a home owner, or a commercial property management company, University Sprinklers has the expertise, service, and equipment to deliver quality lawn and garden sprinkler systems and landscape lighting on time, on budget, and year-round.

At Tempest, we are in this business because we care about water as much as you do. Whether you are looking to use rain as your primary source of household water, are interested in supplementing a well or municipal service, or want to redirect your downspout to a beautiful rain garden, we have the expertise to plan and execute your project. 

Westeel's water storage tanks and ponds are a durable, cost-effective means to store water for firefighting, rainwater collection, agriculture, municipal and residential reserves, greenhouses, and garden centers. Easy to erect and expand, they are a highly cost-effective option when flexibility and cost of installation and transportation are key factors.

1-888-WESTEEL (937-8335)

Located in Abbotsford, BC, Canada, BARR Plastics is a master wholesale distributor of plastic storage tanks, totes, bins and containers, rainwater harvesting, stormwater management, wastewater treatment systems and septic tanks as well as dock building hardware, floats, decking and more, with more than 20 distributors and manufacturers located across North America. We provide market-leading products and innovative liquid & materials handling solutions to a broad range of markets and industries from contractors to businesses to government to cottage and home owners. Your prime solutions provider for bulk water, wastewater, chemical and food and beverage handling applications. 

Cleanflo Water technologies has locations across Canada, focusing on turn-key rainwater harvesting systems.  Design, Build, Maintain.   We have solutions fro both residential and commercial projects.  Family-owned and operated,  Cleanflo Water Technologies is a Canadian company dedicated to ensuring you, your family, and your business have access to safe, clean water when and where you need it.  

Van Isle Water Services Ltd is a Canadian-owned & operated water systems and outdoor living distributor and retailer. Founded in 1972 on Vancouver Island in Victoria, British Columbia, we supply water pumps and related equipment to diverse industries including: aquaculture, commercial & residential swimming pools, hot tubs, fish ponds, fountains, water gardens, lake water & lagoon management, irrigation, water treatment, sump & septic, rainwater harvesting, groundwater management, and well water systems.

We’re proud to serve Canada from our three locations in B.C., which together stock one of Canada’s largest inventories of water system products and accessories.

Canadian Association for Rainwater Management

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